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1GB Max Speed Data Top-Up



Need a speed boost for high-demand activities? Our Temporary Speed Top-Up is here to supercharge your existing data bundle. Whether you’re streaming in stunning 4K, gaming with friends, or handling bandwidth-heavy tasks, our top-up ensures you get the fastest speeds and lowest latency exactly when you need it.

Why You Need This:

  • Enhanced Streaming: Enjoy flawless 4K+ streaming without buffering or interruptions.
  • Seamless Gaming: Experience lag-free gaming with minimal latency for a competitive edge.
  • Effortless Multitasking: Perfect for times when you need to handle data-heavy activities smoothly.

How It Works:

  • Flexible Top-Up: Purchase a specific amount of GB to instantly boost your speed and performance.
  • Maximized Performance: Access the highest speeds and lowest latency for optimal usage.
  • Affordable and Convenient: Enjoy top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

Upgrade your eSIM experience with our Data Boost and take control of your connectivity. Whether you're catching the latest movies in ultra-high definition, engaging in online battles, or managing critical tasks, our Temporary Speed Top-Up ensures you stay connected with the best performance at your fingertips. Don’t let slow speeds hold you back – power up your data and enjoy the ultimate online experience today!


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