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Global Data SIM Card For Access

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace!

OWN is more than just a SIM card; it's your partner in global communication. We understand the importance of staying connected, and we've designed our services to be as flexible and user-friendly as possible. With OWN, global connectivity is just a few simple steps away! 

Apply for a yearly contract with no hidden costs or roaming charges


Enjoy data bundles with clear and transparant global or regional pricing


Use your data bundle on any device, benefitting from a shared data pool with easy top-up options


5.000+ text messages per GB with OWN DATA

5.000+ minutes of calling per GB with OWN DATA

Integrated Services with OWN

Get in touch with us by filling in the form with information about your company!

Get in touch with us by filling in the form with information about your company


Receive your own personalized log in link via email


Activate your account by clicking on the link


Access the store and you are ready to order One World Data Sims in bulk


Get Started With OneWorldNetwork

Discover the advantages with OWN

  • A 3-in-1 SIM card is a versatile type of SIM that can be adjusted to fit three different sizes: standard, micro, and nano. This adaptability makes it compatible with a wide range of devices, from older mobile phones to the latest smartphones and tablets. The design allows users to easily switch between devices without needing a different SIM card for each, offering convenience and flexibility, especially for those who frequently change or upgrade their devices. For more details, please visit the OWN website. 

  • Yes, OWN offers truly global coverage, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals with international connectivity needs. With a focus on providing seamless communication across borders, OWN's services are tailored to cater to the demands of global operations, ensuring that users stay connected wherever they are in the world. This extensive coverage is particularly beneficial for companies with international teams or those frequently traveling abroad. To explore more about OWN's global coverage capabilities, please visit their website. 

01 Order your SIM Cards

Order your SIM cards from OWN. Whether you're a small team or a big company, we make sure you get what you need quickly and easily. With OWN, ordering is just the beginning of a smooth experience. 

02 Choose your Connectivity Bundles

Pick the data plans that fit your business. Our bundles are flexible and designed to grow with you. Whether  you start small or big, OWN has you covered, always keeping you connected without breaking the bank.

03 Link your Data Bundles to the One World SIM Cards

Connect your chosen data bundles to your new SIM cards effortlessly. OWN makes it easy to get started, so you can get back to business without any fuss.

04 Select Value Added Services (Optional)

Choose from a range of optional services to further enhance your connectivity. By integrating with the popular platforms like WhatsApp Business, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, we ensure your business stays ahead in a connected world. Customize your experience to suit your uniqiue business needs, making the most of our platforms's ability to seamlessly connect you globally.

05 You Are Now Connected Worldwide!

Now, you're all set up with OWN and ready to go global! Stay connected anywhere, anytime, anyplace. With OWN, the world is just a call or a click away – no more worries about staying in touch. 

06 Manage Your Usage In An All-In-One Dashboard

Keep an eye on your data with our easy-to-use dashboard. OWN puts you in control, allowing you to track and manage your usage with ease, do you need a top-up? Just log-in to our platform and let us know and we will make it happen. It's your one-stop solution for all your global connectivity needs. 

Apply for a yearly contract with no hidden costs or roaming charges


Use your data bundle on any device, benefitting from a shared data pool with easy top-up options


Enjoy data bundles with clear and transparant global or regional pricing


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