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We believe in the power of accessible, affordable, and sustainable service bundles to not only empower those committed to positive change but also to bridge the digital divide. Our resources enable broader digital technology access, addressing the digital divide and reinforcing our commitment to impactful change in communities worldwide.

Doing Good

Exclusive offer for NGOs

Unlock the power of global communication with our special NGO offer! Benefit from the services of OWN in Data SIMs, VPN, and team applications, ensuring you stay connected wherever your mission takes you.

Three clicks away

Submit to NGO offer and get 15% discount – NGO2024-YEAR


Click to the bundle you need


Click to the services you need: VPNsecured and/or Teams-application


Receive and/or activate your DataSIM in 48 hours!


Pricebundles based on 1 year contract, prepaid and stay connected to additional services

Monthly 10,00 eur and get 15% discount with verified NGO tracker

2 GB

Monthly 20,00 eur and get 15% discount with verified NGO tracker

5 GB

 Monthly 30,00 eur and get 15% discount with verified NGO tracker

10 GB

We look forward to help you across the gulf of space, your passion is our motivation!

At OWN, we're more than just data and SIM card providers; we're committed to creating a better world. Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 9, we're dedicated to bridging communication gaps, uniting communities, and driving sustainable progress.

OWN Global NGO Workspace: Your Data SIM for Access Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

Our services are designed to amplify your advocacy, streamline donations, foster global partnerships, and reduce campaign turnaround times. We're here to support your mission of making a positive change in the world

Enhancing NGO Impact

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